Precision Copper Pieces

basic information

Precision Copper PiecesThe end ring, guide bar and retaining ring are the key components of the rotor of squirrel cage asynchronous motor. They are high-performance precision copper products. Their performance and quality are directly related to the overall performance of the motor. In order to adapt to the high-temperature, heavy load, high-speed and other working environment of high-power squirrel cage asynchronous motor, they have chemical composition, electrical performance, physical, mechanical performance and geometric accuracy of such precision copper parts Strict requirements.
The precision copper parts developed and manufactured by Huaxing Co., Ltd. adopt integrated technologies such as copper and copper alloy melting and casting, plastic processing, heat treatment, precision machining, etc. the main performance indexes and stability have been unanimously recognized by customers. The products are widely used in traction motors such as high-speed rail multiple units, urban subways, high-power electric locomotives, and special electricity in wind power generation, thermal power generation, ships, petrochemical and other industries Machine.