R&D capabilities

About our Team:

Huaxing Co., Ltd. has an excellent technical development team, including national engineering design masters, senior engineers, engineers, assistant engineers, senior technicians and technicians. The structure of technical talents covers metallurgy engineering, mechanical design, thermal engineering, materials, chemical analysis, computer and other majors, and more than 95% of them have college degree or above. We will continue to carry out production, teaching and research activities with scientific research institutions and institutions of higher learning for a long time.


The company has successfully developed new series of products such as copper stave, electric furnace copper cooling equipment, copper plate tuyere, precision copper part (end ring guide bar) and so on, and has been successfully industrialized. The main technical performance and key technologies of design and manufacture have reached the international advanced level. Second prize for progress and the 12th China Patent Gold Award.


In 2000, the company undertook the research of "research and application of copper cooling wall" which is the key plan of national technological innovation, built the first production line of copper cooling wall in China, and won the second prize of national science and technology progress and the first prize of Metallurgical Science and technology. In 2010, it undertook the major technical special project of Guangdong Provincial Department of science and technology "development and industrialization of high-strength and high-precision copper alloy and its high-precision parts", and built the first production line of precision copper parts with an annual output of 300 tons of motor in Guangdong Province. In 2012, the company carried out the comprehensive strategic cooperation project "development and application of new rare earth copper chromium zirconium alloy" with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, laying a solid foundation for the future development and application of copper alloy materials in China; in 2013, the company introduced the "integrated technology team of efficient heat transfer and energy conservation and emission reduction", and obtained the project approval of Guangdong Provincial sailing plan - introduction of innovation and entrepreneurship team; in 2014, the company accelerated its intelligent development In the pace of manufacturing innovation, the development of "robot welding workstation for copper plate tuyere" and "ultrasonic automatic inspection device system for guide strip" have been carried out successively.

In 2007, the company was recognized as Guangdong enterprise technology center and Guangdong energy efficient heat exchange equipment engineering technology research and development center. The advanced technology of copper cooling equipment has been successfully applied to iron alloy ore furnace, non-ferrous smelting furnace, coal chemical furnace, chemical high-temperature reaction furnace and other industrial fields to promote energy conservation, emission reduction and technological progress in the above industrial fields. The technology R & D center of the company has advanced R & D test equipment, mainly including thermal simulation test room, enhanced heat transfer test room, fluid mechanics test room, metal material performance analysis and testing room and other comprehensive supporting R & D test facilities. It has gathered a high-level research and development team, continuously formed a cooperation mechanism with well-known scientific research institutions and enterprises for production, learning, research and application, promoted the construction of enterprise technology innovation system, trained advanced technical talents, developed high added value and high-tech mass production products, and consolidated the high-end product market by integrating internal and external resources of enterprises.


Technical Support:

The company persists in providing quality services, including pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services.
• Pre-sales services: provide technical consultation on products, relevant technical data not involving intellectual property rights and technical exchange according to the needs of users;
• In-sales services: provide design scheme in combination with the specific situation of users, and further provide product detailed design drawings and quality inspection outline after confirmation, which will be used as the basis for manufacturing acceptance and installation after review and confirmation;
• After-sales service: assist in installation technical guidance during product installation. After the product is put into use, relevant technical quality problems shall be handled according to the terms of the contract or agreement.