Talent Concept

Huaxing is committed to building to high-quality cooperative human resources team adaptable to the future business development strategy, bringing together a group of high-level management personnel and research personnel. Through the establishment of a self-motivated and self-disciplined human resource management system as well as a fair, just and open personnel selection mechanism, we can give full play to the talent and wisdom of all staff, allowing outstanding talents to come to the fore.
At the same time, we attach great importance to the all-round training in basic technology, expertise, and management level of our staff, constantly improve employees' comprehensive abilities, train a sense of responsibility and rigorous work attitude and professionalism in them, and strengthen mutual communication and teamwork; relying on the personnel assessment system, we determine objectives for the employees, so that they can constantly improve their work and efficiency and achieve brilliant careers, and thereby promote the overall development of the enterprise.
Huaxing treats every employee in a fire and open way, and treat people with sincerity; we give employees the greatest respect, cherish and support each employee, discover their potential, and encourage innovation; we are willing to hear their ideas and positively respond them; we provide development opportunities for staff and help them to gain a sense of achievement and satisfaction from work.